Allow people to dismiss system announcements

Idea created by lowey.kevin on Oct 10, 2017
    Under review

    We just had a student complain to us that he was unable to dismiss system announcements after reading them. He could dismiss course announcements, but not system announcements.


    We had about ten system announcements in place. Some were important and shouldn't be dismissed (like when our next scheduled downtime was). Others were important which we wanted to keep on the system, but would be ok for students to dismiss once read (like our warning about how phishing attacks work).


    What is needed is a new checkbox when making system announcements, along with the "show on login page" there should be a "Allow users to dismiss" (or something similar). That way we could control which system announcements should remain permanent and which ones we could let users dismiss after reading.


    Currently our only alternative is to keep the number of system announcements we post to the absolute minimum.

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