Snap Theme and the Grade Display in Course Tools Area

Idea created by mf0041804 on Oct 10, 2017
    Under review

    When a student selects the Course Tools link in the Snap theme, their grade is displayed in the Course Tools area as below:


    The grade in this area is only displayed as a percentage, regardless of other gradebook settings. For example, if percentages are hidden from students in the User Report, a percentage is still displayed in the area. Likewise, if a scale is used (Pass/Fail) in place of points or a percentage for the course total, a percentage is still displayed in this area.


    Depending on the course grading structure, seeing the percentage in this area can be misleading to students and is not ideal in every case.Right now, it is only possible to hide the grade in this area by hiding grade totals in the course from students entirely.


    Would it be possible to either have this area display the grade as it is shown to students in the User Report, or to add some options to adjust, on a course by course basis, how the grade is displayed in this area?

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