Delegated Grading Global Settings

Idea created by cwaterbury on Oct 7, 2017
    Under review



    One feature we would like to request is for delegated grading there is a setting to "show graders' feedback and rubrics to students". By default, this is turned on. However, if an instructor wants to turn this off for a specific assignment, they have to go into each students grade submission and click a checkbox. We have instructors with 60+ students, in several sections who have to do this. Very inefficient. Please fix. 


    Blackboard in general lacks global setting for assignments, discussion boards, grading, etc. in individual courses. This results to instructor having to complete the same steps over and over again, which is frustrating. Workarounds currently include javascript solutions, but it's unreasonable to create a javascript solution to save time just to fill in Blackboards gaps. Recently, Blackboard recently the Date Management tool, which is a step in the right directions but not nearly enough.





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