Keep filename when bulk downloading student assignments

Idea created by hy35819 on Oct 6, 2017
    Under review

    We got a request from a faculty member asking if it's possible to turn off the "filename renaming" feature during Assignment bulk download from a column within Full Grade Center.


    The instructor asked students to name their assignment submissions properly but extra characters were added to the filename during bulk downloading. For example:

    Original filename: CSIS1190_VishalChitroda_a1_kayakResearch_V3.xlsx

    Downloaded filename: Assignment 1 - Market Research_300284767_attempt_2017-09-21-09-32-45_CSIS1190_VishalChitroda_a1_kayakResearch_V3.xlsx

    The instructor can run into problems unzipping the file because the file path length goes out of bounds.


    Does Blackboard has any feature to toggle "whether to keep the original filename" during assignment bulk download? If not, are there plans to add this feature in the future BB upgrade?


    Steps to Repeat:

    1. In Full Grade Centre, click the arrow besides an Assignment column

    2. Click Assignment file download

    3. A zip file is downloaded

    4. Student submissions' filenames were changed to a much longer name


    Expected behavior: A toggle-able feature that keeps the original filenames in the downloaded zip file

    Product Version (if applicable):0