Robust access and tools for retention staff

Idea created by cullom on Oct 5, 2017
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    My experience of Blackboard's efforts to provide more ways to access data about student progress (e.g., Retention Center and new native visualizations coming in Ultra) is that the assumption is that the primary users of these dashboards will be/is faculty.  That the faculty are the leaders of retention efforts in higher ed is no longer true (if it ever was). They are part of an overall student support strategy, for sure, but the model of deploying dedicated "student success teams" whose role it is to monitor and support students (particularly at-risk students) has been around for at least six years now (that's how long we have used this model and we weren't the first).  The people (academic advisors, financial aid advisors,etc.) in these roles have NO access to the engagement data that Learn makes available to faculty and yet they are the ones poised to act on that information. 

    We currently leverage the observer role to tie academic advisors to their advisees and that lets them at least see into the courses of their advisees (except for the discussion forums).  But, that's just not enough.  They need access to the same data tools that are currently only viewable by faculty.  Blackboard, Inc. needs to change its thinking/paradigm in this regard.


    Tim Henningsen

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