Improve visibility of Recording State in Collab Ultra

Idea created by jb28572 on Oct 5, 2017
    Under review

    We've had a number of instances in Collab Ultra where the moderator of the session claims to have started the recording, but the recording never shows up.  We haven't found evidence of this being a bug, so we generally assume that the Start Recording button wasn't actually pressed.  While there is an indicator in the top corner when recording is occurring, it's not obvious to the average user.


    As a potential solution, we considered moving the Recording Status icon to a more prominent part of the interface, including a very obvious "Not Recording" status to reinforce that what is happening is not being captured.


    collaborateNotRecording2.png collaborateRecording2.png


    As a note, our designer was opposed to having the words next to the button (which in turn could also become the start/stop recording action), but I feel that's the important piece as the icon alone doesn't do enough to tell an inexperienced user specifically what is going on.


    When one starts the recording, it would be acceptable to allow the word to disappear after 5 seconds or so, allowing the recording button to be less obtrusive.

    Product Version (if applicable):1