Remove "Late Submissions Accepted" from Blackboard Mobile app on Assignments

Idea created by srichter on Oct 4, 2017

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    The Blackboard Mobile App now has an indicator on all Assignments that says "Late Submissions Accepted", for any Assignment with Due Date enabled. Unfortunately, there is no way on Assignments to toggle a choice to say "Late Submissions Not Accepted", or to prevent late submissions like on a test. This is EXTREMELY problematic, because many faculty in fact do now accept late submissions, and now the Blackboard app is contradicting them.


    Incidentally, on a Test the Blackboard app indicates that the Test was missed and says "No Late Submissions"


    For us, at least, this should be a high priority change. Like, immediately if possible!!!!!!!!!!! Faculty will otherwise start telling students not to use the app, or will stop using Due Dates.


    Alternatively, add a feature to Assignments to be able to turn off accepting late submissions, but do it NOW as an easy-to-add update or patch. We cannot wait for Q4 2017 (or more likely Q2 2018) to be released, tested, and installed. This is much too critical for that.


    What do others feel? Is this a big problem (or potential problem) at your own institutions?


    Dan Loury or others on Mobile - when was this added, and how quickly could it be removed?

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