Allow teachers to automatically grade late submissions

Idea created by js0056397 on Oct 3, 2017
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    At our university we have a great number of language courses. Several of these are very skilled in online education and have used concepts of flipped classroom, diagnostics and self-assessment with great success.


    One of these courses have a quiz each week, with a due date because the teacher wants the students to take the quix before the weekly seminar but allowing late submissions because the teacher wants the students to be able to go back and take the quiz again.


    The consequence of this is that the teacher gets a whole lot of late submissions that he/she needs to manually accept/grade before the students can see their score. We are talking hundreds of "needs attentions" items.


    What if you could simply go into settings and choose to automatically grade even late submissions? It could look something like thisTest options.png:

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