Include images in forum emails

Idea created by it0044977 on Oct 2, 2017
    Under review

    Currently, when Moodle emails out Forum posts, when the post contains images, Moodle includes only a link back to Moodle to retrieve that image. There are plenty of cases where this will cause the image to fail to load; most commonly where the forum is set to require login, and the html context used to attempt to fetch the image is not logged into Moodle (as is the case with pretty much anything other than webmail).

    Moodle upstream appear to have been considering including images as attachments or data: URIs (MDL-43591/MDL-44710 for instance), but also occurred to me that if the link included a token, like a guest-access token used with onedrive/gsuite drive/etc when picking "share with anyone who has the link" that might also solve the issue of end users seeing incomplete forum posts...


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