Add auto-record feature to Ultra sessions, or at least a non-recording notification

Idea created by pl35564 on Sep 29, 2017
    Under review

    Blackboard Collaborate Classic/Original has an auto-record setting for sessions and we have used this for years. We are reluctant to roll out Ultra because it does not have an auto-record setting, we fear professors and teachers will forgot to record sessions, especially those who have used Classic for years. Forgetting to record a session is a critical problem for students and faculty.


    Please consider adding the auto-recording feature Classic has to Ultra. Its the only thing preventing our university from adopting it.


    As a compromise, consider adding a pop-up notification when a Teacher joins a session if the session is not being recorded, the message could read 'This session is not being recorded, would you like to record it' and two buttons of yes/no. I think this is a better solution then the setting above as it also prevents unnecessary recordings being created by students and is almost foolproof. Hopefully less backend work, essentially putting the Record button in a pop up notification if no recording occurring. Recorded sessions are just too important to miss.



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