Moodlerooms Snap theme - make login button go to moodle login page

Idea created by gm37659 on Sep 29, 2017
    Under review



    When in the default Moodlerooms front page, the end-user sees a pleasant image that connects to the institution:




    But when they click on the "Login" button, they see a login form using only a gray background without brand, instructions, guest or self-registration buttons:




    Only when they click on the link with "Help with login / guest access", then they can see the default login page, now with the front page cover image, logo and all buttons.




    My idea is that when the end-user clicks on the "Log in" button, in the place of the "fixy" login menu, they are presented the default login page.


    Even better if Snap have a setting to control this behaviour: open the "fixy" login menu or go to default login page.


    I've a screen capture as well: 2017-09-29_0959





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