Improvement on course cover image

Idea created by sr0056000 on Sep 28, 2017
    Under review

    Currently, the course cover image does not show the whole image you upload. If I want to show the whole cover image on "My courses" (our images are really specific to the course, usually pictures of machinery), I have to edit the picture so that I put a white box beneath the picture I want to show. This way I get the picture that I want to be seen in its entirety on "My courses". But still, the picture looks horrible when in the course - it barely shows the top of the picture.


    It would be great, if the picture uploaded as a course image would show as in its entirety on "My courses". On the actual course page the image should then be different, or resized somehow as the slot for the picture is wide but not tall.


    One of the reasons why we chose Moodlerooms was the visual design of Snap. Our users are less educated, so having a picture of machinery that is familiar to them would really help navigating in the system. Right now it just doesn't work.

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