Improve display of items with the "list display option selected

Idea created by rdesantis on Sep 27, 2017
    Under review

    The Snap theme allows the site administrator to choose the display of resources (i.e., learning activities) as either a "list" or "card". When list is chosen for the site setting, items such as URLs, SCORM, Folders, and Files, display across the row rather than stacking. I like the list option but wish it displayed visually more like the other items in the course for a more consistent display. To make it the same:

    • Add a colored line above the item.
    • Display the name of the module type.
    • Add icon in similar size and styling.
    • Add gray box border around the item.

    Secondly, when this setting is selected, it doesn't apply to all "resources" in the course. Pages and Books still display the same. I would like to see these options change to the list view for consistency, or for there to be an additional setting to allow the administrator to control how those two items should display in a course.

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