Instructor Section Merge Tool for Ultra

Idea created by Mariann Hawken on Sep 27, 2017
    Under review

    I haven't been able to get a clear answer on this from anyone if this tool is in development so I'll toss this out as an idea --


    The parent-child merge tool is currently available to system admins or users with approved privileges. This is great if the number of requests is reasonable... but we have hundreds of merged courses every semester, which we are processing with a homegrown system that's completely defined by a script. We'd like to empower the faculty to choose to merge and trigger the process themselves.


    We're aware of the licensed Section Merge Tool from ICM, which has a process to allow faculty to select a course as the parent (or create a new one as master) and choose other courses to merge the enrollments. We'd even consider licensing it, but it appears to be only compatible with the Original Course View.


    This is a long shot, but my wish list item is a tool for faculty to merge their Ultra Experience course enrollments, though I suppose splits would need to be handled by a system admin.


    Thanks for any consideration.

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