Set a single 'display name' for institutions with multiple name registrations on mobile apps' search (slave registration in MLCS)

Idea created by Juan Pablo Granados Carmona on Sep 26, 2017
    Under review

    A very simple, not life-threatening request: it would be useful to have a 'display name' for our institution when they search for it on mobile apps. That way, even if users don't spell it entirely correctly, usually by the omission of special characters (such as accents), they can find it while still seeing the correct spelling displayed on search results.

    Here's our case:

    The name of our institution has an accent: "Anáhuac". But when users search for it on the mobile apps, they usually don't include the accent, as most people rely on auto-correct to add it as they type. Auto-correct is not dispatched on this search box, so our users were telling us they couldn't find the institution. The Behind the Blackboard staff helped us by creating a 'slave registration' for "Anahuac", without the accent.

    The correct spelling should include the accent no matter how users decide to search for it, but when users search the institution without the accent, the search results also display it without the accent.

    Our case might not be that meaningful, but I believe this would be useful for institutions with more complex names that include special characters outside of the english language scope.

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