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Idea created by casey.eubank on Sep 25, 2017
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    Right now if a student sends an instructor a course message (not email) in the Blackboard course and the instructor has their course notifications set to receive an email whenever they receive a course message - the email notifications contains the subject as a link.  When you click on the link, it either takes you directly to the message (if already logged in to Bb in the default browser) or prompts you to log on to Bb and then you can see the message. See below for an example: the link in this case is what is in bold.


    Many of our faculty have complained that they would like to see the full message in the email notification rather than just the subject as often they are on their phones on weekends and check email and would like to see the full message so that way they can triage messages and see if they need to log in and respond right away or if a response can wait until they are back at a desktop/laptop.


    From: do-not-reply@watc.local <do-not-reply@watc.local>
    Sent: Monday, September 11, 2017 2:45:56 PM
    Subject: New course message in MTH-020-003-12345 - Math Fundamentals


    You have received a message in course, MTH-020-003-12345 - Math Fundamentals: Need to get started in your online math course!!!!


    This is an automatically generated notification from Blackboard. You can change your notification settings at any time by going to Settings, Edit Notification Settings. Please do not reply.

    Product Version (if applicable):0