Rubric grading with no submission (Observational)

Idea created by lhives on Sep 21, 2017

    With the current ability to attach a rubric to a column, you don't have the features that the assignment tool has as far as delegated marking etc. so it doesn't cater to observational assessment very well.

    What we would like to see is that the submission requirement is removed from the assignment tool (ie an instructor or grader can still grade, comment, and use a rubric even if there is no submission). This will allow us to use the tool for observational assessments like presentations, class participation, simulations, and more. In addition, it would be great if the rubric grading can be done from the Blackboard Instructor app again even if there is no submission. The rubric is perfect for grading in a synchronous assessment situation so it makes sense that it be available via mobile devices.


    With the new UI for grading in the app, it should be possible to enable this as you can see the list of students who haven't submitted (unlike the old app) so if you could click on those people to assign a grade or access and complete the rubric, that would be perfect!


    One other request is that an instructor is provided the ability to upload an assignment for a student in cases where the assignment is emailed or delivered outside of Blackboard and then must be uploaded for recording purposes AND to provide the same level of feedback as other students.

    Product Version (if applicable):1