Copying content area from one course to another should include assignments, without needing to copy ENTIRE grade center

Idea created by ja29127 on Sep 21, 2017
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    I've been told by several in this community, and also by Tier 2 Support, that when copying a content area from one course into another course, assignments (as well as other gradable items) are not included in that copy unless you also select to include the Grade Center columns and settings, and that it has been this way for quite a long while.  But this will then copy the ENTIRE grade center.  This works 'as designed' and 'as expected' so cannot be classified as a bug.


    Somehow I've never encountered this until recently.


    When copying a content area, if it has, say, two assignments included, the only way to have those copied is to include the grade center.  But then this copies over the ENTIRE grade center.  While wanting only the two corresponding columns for the assignments, you may get another 50 columns that you then have to delete (one by one).  This is completely unreasonable.


    It should be that when you copy a content area, everything in that content area (graded or not graded) should be copied.  Perhaps this can be done by providing sub-options for copying the grade center to only include the columns corresponding to gradable items within content areas that were selected, or simply the full grade center.


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