Use Link Editor in editor WYSIWYG to assign course links

Idea created by barry on Sep 20, 2017
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    I am using the content folder to deliver instruction, getting students to content quicker.


    NOTE: All modules are on the same page.


    It is a student-centered design and works nicely because students can get to content quickly, so far students and instructors have had positive comments. Maintenance does have to happen between terms: the links in the "Assignments" bullet are from the Blackboard course, housed in the Content Folder.


    • Assignment Links

    • Content Folder

    In order to link the module content folder items I am copying the html address from the "quick navigation" menu and pasting into the hyperlink editor:


    In the course copy process all Blackboad links have to be replaced with updated course addresses, otherwise they link to the previous course.


    Would it be possible to add a "Course link" tab or button to the Hyperlink Editor? The purpose of using Course Link would be to allow the link to evolve or advance with the course in it's new copy-iteration, not unlike when using the "Tools" editor to add a Discussion Board item in a module.



    Thanks for the consideration,


    Barry Burkett

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