Make Adding/Enrolling a Single User to a course by an instructor simpler

Idea created by clarkshahnelson on Sep 19, 2017
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    Is there anyone else who feels that the process for enrolling other users in a Blackboard course is overly complicated? 
    Countless instructors find this too convoluted to follow.


    As an instructor, I have to:

    1. Click on Users and Groups
    2. Click on Users
    3. Click on Find Users to Enroll (fine up to here - and here's where it starts getting overly tedious...)
    4. Ok, this is perhaps particular to me, but "Username" is pretty useless at my institution, because the usernames are auto-generated and different than every other user identifier at our institution - unassociated with any login name and with a bunch of added numbers. So I have to use the "Browse" button to find people. And here's where it gets overly complicated... I'm not actually Browsing at that point, I'm in a pop-up window, using several dropdowns to try to find the person.
    5. So I click one dropdown to "email" or "last name"
    6. Next dropdown to either "contains" or "equal to" or whatever
    7. Type or paste in the name or email portion
    8. Click Go
    9. Once I finally find that person (if I have properly used the dropdowns, and trust me, a high number of faculty find this incredibly convoluted and unnecessarily difficult), I check the box next to the name
    10. Click Submit
    11. Now I am taken back to the Find Users to Enroll window with their username handily placed in the box, and I have to
    12. Click Submit AGAIN.


    So in summary, unless I specifically know the person's username, it takes minimum 12 clicks and several convoluted dropdown menus to find people and add them to my course as an instructor. What if...


    this process actually only took 6-7clicks? And searching for people were as easy as adding them to an email recipient list, calendar invite, etc. in other modern tools?


    1. Users and Groups

    2. Users

    3. Find Users to Enroll - opens up a window with a dynamic search box

    4. I start typing in a name, email address, username, whatever,  and it dynamically shows matches based on what I've started typing. (Kind of like when you add people to a calendar invite in Office 365 or Google Calendar, or a to an email?

    5. I click on the user to select

    6. pick a role,

    7. click Submit once to add them?


    Not only would that be nearly 50% fewer clicks, it would be far simpler to search for and locate users...



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