Learn Versioning in SaaS

Idea created by ks27590 on Sep 19, 2017
    Under review

    It would be most helpful if the version of Blackboard Learn, especially for the SaaS clients could be a bit more "readable"

    What I mean by this is currently for SaaS clients on the Continuous Delivery versioning includes 2 digits in the first decimal set in the version number.

    Example is latest version in production as of September 19, 2017 is 3200.12.0 released today.

    For FDO clients it is 3200.0.2 (Q2 2017 CU2).  In this version, there was an issue and CU2 and a "new" version of CU2 had to be released.  For clients the only way we know which "version" of CU2 we are on is to pay attention to the rel. build number.  It would  be most helpful to adopt either a new digit to the decimal area to explain the build instead of having to read the rel number.

    Could we not use something like 3200.0.2A for the second build of CU2 for Q2 2017 CU2 version 2?

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