Option/Radio Button and Checkbox - Text

Idea created by clint.brooks on Sep 11, 2017
    Under review

    Does anyone else find the "accessibility" option to change option/radio buttons and check boxes by clicking on their text problematic? This option is supposedly to assist with accessibility, yet I am concerned about the following:

    1. Many users still are not familiar with this usage, even though it has been in use a few years. This creates confusion and potential errors on answers.

    2. This would appear to be a double-edged sword for users with motor disabilities. While clicking the text gives them a bigger target to aim at, they could also very easily accidentally click (or, on a smart device, touch) the text for another answer while trying to complete the question.

    3. Blackboard does not apply this paradigm universally throughout the system.

    4. I am unaware of any Blackboard documentation describing this usage, when it occurred, where it applies, or the rationale for the change.


    Right now, Bb Support describes this usage as Functioning As Designed (even though there was an error with the usage that they had to fix earlier - clicking in blank spaces caused the answers to change). I'm not convinced this approach is the best solution. Are there other positive benefits to clicking the text of an answer (say, in screen readers or other accessibility software)?

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