Assessment Option: "Start Date and Time"

Idea created by chris.bray on Sep 11, 2017
    Under review

    Current scenario:  Instructor wants assessments to only be visible for a small time frame, so they have to use the "Display After" option.  The assessment is not visible until this time. The instructor also uses the "Due Date" option so that the assessment appears in the Calendar tool.  However, hidden assessments will not appear in the Calendar until the "Display After" time has been reached.


    This defeats the purpose of being able to have a calendar populated with due dates.  (We do see the use case as to WHY hidden assessments aren't visible in the calendar, otherwise "pop quizzes" would be shown to students in advance.)


    Having a test option where the instructor can define the Start Date and Time, without having to define a "Display After" timestamp would be very useful.


    This would allow the assessments to appear on the calendar and in the notifications dashboard, plus also allow for assessments that the instructors would like to legitimately hide.

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