File name change for embedded images in online tests

Idea created by dh30239 on Sep 11, 2017
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    I've been working with a lecturer who discovered that the embedded images on multiple choice test questions had file names that were identical to the correct answers. So, a student could see from the file name (if they chose to save the picture) what the correct answer was. In order to fix this, the instructor had to download all the images one by one and edit the test questions and re-upload the images. It would have been much easier to edit the file names online and update the HTML of the test questions; however, there is no user accessible web folder where someone could go to change the file names.


    Yes, this may be a "fringe case," but it was very frustrating for the instructor to fix these file names one at a time. From a support standpoint, it was equally frustrating trying to explain to the instructor that it was not possible to edit the file names online, nor was it possible to upload new versions of the images in bulk: it needed to be done one at a time, question by question.


    Please include an area like the Content Collection for images embedded in test questions that is user accessible for when instructors need to edit the files they use for their online tests.



    Dan Hahn

    University of Illinois

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