Allow Student Calendars to Display Due Dates for Unavailable Assignments

Idea created by mg23470 on Sep 8, 2017
    Under review

    I have an instructor who created 10 or so assignments and gave each a due date so that they showed up in the students' calendars (one more way for students to see what's expected of them), but she also enacted availability restriction dates on each assignment so that they weren't visible until about a week before each due date.  She doesn't want a bunch of questions about assignments due in a couple of months (because they haven't covered the material yet), which is understandable.  However, after the first week of class, she contacted support because her students said they couldn't see the due dates in their calendars (she can see them, though).  I found out that the due dates of unavailable assignments don't show up on student calendars.  When the assignments become available, then the due date will show up.  I assume the calendar items will disappear when/if the assignments become unavailable after the due dates.  This seems silly to me.  Why shouldn't students have as much advance notice as possible for due dates?  Why shouldn't they be able to refer back to past due dates?  Don't you want to encourage use of the calendar?  If you put an available assignment into an unavailable folder, the due date will show up, but the students can't click on the "take me to this" link (get an 'unavailable' message).  I think that's great and it should work just like that for unavailable assignments.  If an instructor makes an assignment unavailable because they're not using it, then they just need to remove the due date and it won't show up in the calendar anymore.

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