Calendar Export Includes Course ID

Idea created by chris.bray on Sep 6, 2017
    Under review

    Here's a suggestion from a student, which I would like to pass on:


    I really like the Blackboard calendar feature. I like seeing when my assignments are due. I set up the Blackboard calendar on my Google Calendar. On Google Calendar, an event will say "Chap 1 - HW," but it will not tell me what class it is for. Could you tell Blackboard to work on fixing the calendar export so that it shows the assignment and the class it is for?


    I exported my Bb Calendar to iCloud, and all that I can see is the name of the assignment, but not the course.


    Within Blackboard, the calendar month view only displays the assignment name as well. However, in that interface I can click the entry and it shows the Course and the Due Date.


    Having the exported calendar display the course would be very helpful.  Examples:


    FALL17 Quiz #1 Syllabus (COURSE ID)

    COURSE ID:  FALL17 Quiz #1 Syllabus

    Product Version (if applicable):0