Provide option to delete all announcements

Idea created by sa0046713 on Aug 31, 2017

    At present when a course is copied to a new course site all the announcements are copied with it.  In some cases this is unhelpful for users as announcements can be "one off" and redundant the following year a course is run.  As there is no easy means to delete all announcements in bulk, users must currently delete each announcement one by one which adds time to start of year setup.


    To maintain the current functionality, but not frustrate a portion of our users, can we have a better way to manage announcements?  For example, "Check all" and "Delete all selected" type options.  Alternatively just a "Delete All" option would help.  I appreciate there may be some conflict with automatic announcements from certain tools which also needs to be considered.  If that is going to prove a problem, then the option could entail deleting only all "user generated announcements".



    Product Version (if applicable):0