Upload Progress Indicator

Idea created by rs0045218 on Aug 29, 2017
    Under review

    We had this semester several complaints from students that attempted to upload files on assignments, their main complaint was that the upload screen was frozen, when in reality it was working, but as their files were huge (in the case of hundreds megabytes) they perceived the screen as frozen.


    To avoid this kind of user perception we need a upload progress indicator, something for every single user role that inform the user that his file is being uploaded, thus the screen isn't frozen.


    Would be really nice to have a upload progress bar with an indication of how many kilobytes were uploaded so far and how many is left to upload.


    While a progress "spinner" could also represent a upload, if there isn't any information about how many was already uploaded the user can also perceive this screen as frozen, like the spinning ball of death -> The Spinning Beach Ball of Death.


    The bar is prefered over the spinner on this case because there is a perceived end to this operation that can be quantified, the spinner is used over the progress bar when there is no way to inform when something will end.

    Product Version (if applicable):0