Checklist check box under Due Dates?

Idea created by k8cooke on Aug 28, 2017
    Under review

    Several of my faculty have asked about Tasks and Due dates. It would be a nice feature if instead of Tasks, which have to be done individually, that under the Due Date feature of assignments and test there was a checkbox to input the assignment or test as part of a "Checklist" page for a student. As each Due Date becomes a part of the Calendar module, so too could these Due Dates be part of a Checklist that the student could check off or print or anything else for themselves. Doesn't seem like a difficult thing to add if you already have the Calendar module doing somewhat the same thing. The checklist only needs to be a single page with the line items. This Checklist would be extremely helpful in a mobile environment for students as well. I can see faculty being able to show students how to use their check boxes to manage their work, especially for completely online courses.



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