Ultra: Courses organization

Idea created by cm36831 on Aug 24, 2017
    Under review

    In Ultra, the Courses tab has a Upcoming Courses column for classes that haven't yet started, a Current courses column, for those whose terms are currently active, and columns for past semesters.  At our institution, have an overlap for course terms because of a policy that requires courses are open for four weeks after a semester ends for grade disputes and an opportunity to finish incomplete courses.  This overlap results in users seeing courses from a couple terms in the Current Courses column.  Also, students who register for multiple terms that haven't occurred yet have a mess to look at when viewing Upcoming Courses.  For example, if someone registers in April for a summer class and his or her fall classes, both terms are dumped into the same column and can create confusion.


    A better organization for us would be to have each term created in Blackboard given its own column in Courses.  This practice would eliminate the need for the Current and Upcoming columns and eliminate the overlap that causes our users confusion and angst while they try to find the courses that are truly current. 

    Product Version (if applicable):1