Auto save when editing assignments

Idea created by lowey.kevin on Aug 23, 2017
    Under review

    Students can complete assignments two ways:

    1. create a separate file offline and upload it as the assignment submission
    2. use the Blackboard editor to complete the assignment from within the Blackboard environment.


    When using the Blackboard editor, students can "save as draft" to save their current work and come back to resume the assignment and work on it later. However, if a student just types an answer and doesn't save as draft, and if the network connection drops, the work they entered is lost. That is very frustrating if they took several hours to enter the assignment.


    By contrast, essay questions in tests automatically save changes ten seconds after any changes in the editor are made. So if a network connection is dropped, they can recover.


    My suggestion is to add similar functionality to the assignment editor. As students are typing the assignment into the editor, it would "save as draft" periodically in the background (such as ten seconds after any change is made like in the exam tool).


    This would utilize the same mechanism as clicking the "save as draft" button, except it would be done in the background and not leave the editor after the document is saved.

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