Add Collaborate Shared Sessions and the ability to copy sessions from one course to another

Idea created by ccarrillo on Aug 18, 2017
    Under review

    Classic Collaborate allows you to easily create a session that is shared between multiple courses.  This allows students from all of the courses to participate in a single Collaborate session.


    Please add this functionality back to Collaborate Ultra.


    Also, please add the ability to copy sessions from one course to another.  This is different from a shared session in that the copy would be new instance of a session with all the same parameters.  Many instructors consider Collaborate Sessions to be content within their courses; they may pre-setup sessions and use the same structure for subsequent courses, so it's in line with the rest of Blackboard's design to allow the copying of such content from one course to another.


    You might also implement this as an export/import functionality for Collaborate sessions.



    Product Version (if applicable):1