Manual selection of user language

Idea created by ps0056325 on Aug 18, 2017
    Under review

    Expanding on this idea: Add switch language functionality.



    I would like to request enabling users to choose the functional language (button labels etc..) when in a Collaborate room.


    There are 2 reasons for this:


    1. Many of our students use school computers which the operating system and browser are, in this case, in Finnish. This forces the student to use the Collaborate room in Finnish. However we have many courses offered in English, and Swedish and in many cases, the student does not understand Finnish and will have difficulties finding the tools to have an enjoyable experience.


    2. We have language teachers that would like to have their students use the tool in the language they are teaching. (e.g. a teacher of German, would like her students to use Collaborate in German to reinforce the use and learning of the language).


    Could it be possible for a user to select the language they want to use and override the location that currently defines the user language? (e.g. dropdown list in the Own Settings area of the Collaborate Panel).

    This should be available regardless of user role.

    Product Version (if applicable):1