Adding system logs back to the admin panel

Idea created by ct23653 on Aug 15, 2017
    Under review

    When we switched from self-hosted to SaaS back in May 2017 one thing that we lost was the ability to look at the system logs from the web servers. Now we have the kibana logs which is definitely not the same. We can get some of the information that we need, but we can't go deep into the logs like we used to. I spoke to a member of Blackboard at BBWorld and he told me that he had heard the same frustrations with the kibana logs.


    What do you guys think of having both options available? Have the kibana logs available but also have a separate section where you can download the system logs like self-hosted customers. I think this would be a good option and probably be very little work on the back end to get this up and running quickly. All opinions are welcome.

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