Make the content-editor responsive

Idea created by mate727 on Aug 13, 2017

    Blackboard is increasingly becoming more and more responsive and this is a great development. Also at our institution both students and educators frequently access Blackboard on other devices than their desktop to quickly find information on the go.


    Unfortunately, editing content through the browser of your smartphone is practically impossible:


    1. The editor is broader than the screen, causing the start of the sentence to disappear out of sight as you type on;
    2. The cursor tends to jump out of focus when you start to type;
    3. The buttons overlap each other or disappear out of reach when the editor is maximised, making it impossible to return to the normal editor and send the edited content.


    A responsive, user-friendly content-editor (WYSIWYG / TinyMCE), would hugely improve the use and practicality of the new responsive Blackboard Learn.


    PS. We are using the latest version of Blackboard Learn through Managed Hosting. Furthermore I'd like to state that the Blackboard- and Instructor-app would not suffice, since both apps fails to display much of the content correctly if at all, eg. lesson overviews, link descriptions and several tools like wiki's, blogs, etc. Until the Blackboard-app and Instructor-app are fully compatible with the desktop-experience, we're focusing on the mobile webbrowser for edits on the go.




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