Hyperlinks breaks on course copy

Idea created by ianaugust45 on Aug 11, 2017

    I love to hyperlink the heck out of my course. Click here to go to discussions, or create some cool pictures that you click to enter the folder for modules. However, all hyperlinks to content like folders, discussions, tests, do not work when you copy the course to the new semester. Hyperlinks to files work fine after course copy but most other things do not. The hyperlink points to the old course id. The sneaky thing is when the instructor tests these, they appear to work, because they have access to the older course. Making this hard to catch.


    One thing I do not understand about this issue is that when doing a course copy, so many things are copied over, folders, tests, everything. Yet none of these things point to the old course ID, only hyperlinks do. It seems there is something in the course copy that strips out the course id for folders, to add the new course id, but this is not done in hyperlinks.

    I think this could really turn loose creative designers, to make some amazing visuals for Blackboard, that can be hyper-linked. So imagine this, an awesome visual created in indesign, for each module, where you click that visual to enter the module, instead of clicking the module name.

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