Allow Landscape view on new Blackboard App for iPad

Idea created by gpowell on Aug 11, 2017
    Under review

    We have just migrated to SaaS Ultra, here is some feedback from the Year 7-9 girls who access Bb via iPads. Most like the new Blackboard app, but hate that it is iPhone only, therefore no landscape view, a number wish for Safari access again due to this. Anyone with a keyboard on their iPad gets cranky spinning it around to portrait or gets a crick in their neck! The new App also won’t open any items that have been added to a folder in a Content Collection - when a link is made to the Folder of images for example. It must be something to do with not unzipping the materials, it just returns an error.  Again, I want to put in a product upgrade suggestion. The issue is, Safari access on the iPad is now not a smooth experience, it used to be, it is not the case anymore as the browser is listed as not supported. So, it doesn’t seem unreasonable to either support the browser, or write the App so it runs effectively on an iPad, as a minimum that means landscape view.


    I note that the Bb Instructor App is landscaped enabled, i.e. written for iPad, the staff really like that App.  Hopefully you can catch the kids up soon.




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