Allow a responsive design for SaaS Bb as opposed to a fixed maximum width

Idea created by gpowell on Aug 11, 2017
    Under review

    We have just migrated across to SaaS Ultra from MH Learn 9.1 The process went very well, but one glaring change that is annoying the entire staff is the fixed width. As a school that uses Grade Book extensively, not being able to expand SaaS Ultra, in original view even, to utilise a whole screen for columns of grades is very frustrating for staff.  Where we used to get 30+ columns, we now struggle to get half a dozen. Getting a feel for a whole cohort of grades is much more difficult. We live in an age of responsive screen views - why would we go backwards on an update?  We certainly did not expect this to be the case.  Please bring back responsive screens - I have a 27" Mac monitor and I see SaaS in the middle third with masses of empty space either side!



    Product Version (if applicable):1