"Unrandomize" a test for grading

Idea created by ddemelo on Aug 10, 2017
    Under review

    I am writing to submit a suggestion for future releases of Blackboard Learn with the Test tool. Exams are randomized to minimize cheating opportunities for students. I have an instructor who teaches Finance classes and many of his exams include a mix of questions which include multiple choice, short answer, and essay. He recently approached me with a question about whether it was possible to ‘unrandomize’ a test after all students have taken it for the purposes of making it easier for him to grade the exam the way he created it, with answer key in hand. Since he often has several questions that he needs to grade, he has to 'jump around' during each student's test attempt, making it time consuming to grade essay and short answer question (many short answer questions are 'exact match'). I tested this to see if it was possible and did not find that unchecking the 'randomize test' in the test options had any effect on producing the result he wanted. Can this be an option in a future release?

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