Blackboard Instructor App to support Custom Blackboard Roles

Idea created by bbteam on Aug 10, 2017

    The current release of the Blackboard Instructor App only displays course sites to users where they are enrolled with the Blackboard role of "Instructor".


    This is problematic due to the fact that our institution utilises "Custom Roles" (as supported by Blackboard Learn) and therefore this new App will not work for any of our academic staff.   Our only users who are given an Instructor role, are support staff who "Quick Enrol" in courses.


    Given the recent removal of the Blackboard Mobile Learn App, this has resulted in our institution not being able to offer new staff (or existing staff who may have uninstalled Blackboard Mobile Learn) access to a mobile App that will work for them.


    I would like to request an enhancement to the App to support Custom Roles as currently available and supported in Blackboard Learn.

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