Navigation: Ability to jump to and link to a specific object on a module page

Idea created by feeney.linda on Aug 9, 2017
    Under review

    On the Course Menu, when you click on "Display Course Menu in a Window" you get a lovely tree structure that shows everything in the course. However, if you click on a specific item, you are taken to the top of that course page, not to the item itself. I would really like to be able to click on the "link" and be taken directly to the object.


    Because there is so much scrolling involved in navigating Blackboard, I always include an item at the top of the page labeled "On this page" or something similar so that the students know they are in the right place. It would be really helpful if I could automatically generate an "On this Page" module that would have live navigation links to each object on the page. It would also be desirable to have an update button as I make changes throughout the semester.


    [Yes, I know that there is an open source module on Oscelot that helps designers to create live links and provides a "check list" for students. We are on Managed Hosting and Blackboard declined to install this module. See Tweaks/Tweaks @ GitHub ]

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