Add "highlight" text and graph option back so graphs will print when selected.

Idea created by ab0068289 on Aug 9, 2017
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    We use the feedback plugin to collect end-of-course evaluation data. Previous to the 3.2 update, we selected the entire survey content (including graphs and text) that displayed on the "Analysis" tab and then printed to PDF. This worked well until the 3.2 site update. After this update the feedback plugin graphs changed  and now these updated graphs will not copy or print when selected...all that outputs is white space.


    Is there any way to fix this?


    Aaron Butler



    Here is a copy of the response I just received from BTBB support:

    Support Comments:



    Because this was an area that core Moodle changed, I'm assuming that the "highlight" text and graph option was overlooked when redesigning the graphs. You might want to suggest they add this feature back in. You can do so from our Moodlerooms Community page. For any issues submitted by clients that affect core Moodle features, we will submit that request to core Moodle on your behalf. Check out the attached article on Enhancement Requests (or Ideas) for information on how to submit such a request.



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