Student Page and Notes feature always accessible (from Retention Centre)

Idea created by lhives on Aug 3, 2017
    Under review

    There is a well hidden but extremely useful feature in the Retention Centre called 'Notes'. Believe me, it's there.


    It would be fantastic if this feature was always available and could be accessed by any teaching staff from the student's contact card. This would allow the teachers to keep notes about the students especially around their participation (so would be good to be accessible from the Instructor mobile app easily also). It also makes it easy to communicate with them and see a history of communication.


    In fact, it would be great if the individual overview page for each student in the retention centre was always accessible and not just when they are at risk. We actually re-named our tool to 'Student Activity Centre' because often it's not about retention. How great would it be if you could monitor and communicate with a student from a single location rather than having to jump into each tool or run reports to find out how they are progressing. So moving some of the stats from the student page in the Grade Centre would be good too (when you click on the student's name).


    Taking this idea one step further, it would be good if this 'course' information could be collated into an overarching page for the student at institution level so that mentors and student support officer could review actions taken and also assist in supporting the students where needed.


    I'm sure this idea could go a lot further (eg. scheduling a private collaborate session with the student, pulling attendance information etc.) but it's a start!

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