Add PLD Event type based on Start Date +/- days or End Date +/- Days

Idea created by mwilday on Aug 3, 2017

    PLD's are excellent ways of sparking engagement in a course. It would be great to be able to fire a PLD Alert based on the start date of a course rather than just a User Action or a specific date in time. This could be very helpful for:

    1. Reminding students who may not have logged into the system,
    2. Sending a reminder to all students about key deadlines,
    3. Automatically unlocking access to certain activities at key points in the course's timeline.
    4. Performing various functions on a time level without having to set it each term.

    I assume there are other institutions that have a templatized workflow. Setting Date events in PLD would be much easier if we could simply update the start date of a course and trust the PLD to fire when its supposed to. Currently, we have to set a specific date to create a trigger, or recurring trigger. This works on one-off events, but we would desire this for all 200 sections of our courses... having an event that fires on the start date +/- a number of days would allow us to set it up and import it into all of our courses with ease. Just a thought!

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