Administrator switch/toggle to Disable/Enable "Buttons" on menu

Idea created by andres.quintero on Aug 2, 2017
    Under review

    Course/Organization menus are something that we allow our users to control based on their needs. Many instructors who are teaching the same course but different sections like to modify the colors of the menu to differentiate between courses. Some faculty like to use Buttons, our institution is trying very hard to stop users from using the Button feature as they are against accessibility standards, not to mention the buttons don't adapt to variable text size.



    I am requesting an administrator on/off switch to enable/disable the use of buttons on the course/organization menu.


    Ideally users can continue to customize their menu and change colors without making use of the Button or predefined button colors.



    The switch/toggle will allow each individual institution to define if they can use or not the buttons as a style for course/organization menus.


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