Alphabetical sorting of menus that contain many items

Idea created by ru37067 on Aug 1, 2017
    Under review

    As an example, let's suppose that I browse to the System Admin menu and need to find something in the Tools and Utilities menu.


    Here are all of the entries from that menu, in order:


    • Enterprise Surveys
    • Calendar
    • Goals
    • Announcements
    • Course Messages
    • Email
    • Impersonate
    • Language Packs
    • System Reporting
    • System Configuration
    • Logs
    • Tools
    • B2 Sample - User Courses
    • Courses Last Access
    • Chalk Titles
    • BbStats - Activity Dashboard
    • Learn Migration Information Gathering
    • Notifications
    • Portfolios
    • Redis Cache
    • UoY Data Source Key Tool
    • Turnitin Statistics
    • Student Goal Performance Export
    • Admin Console
    • Achievements
    • Digication
    • My Blackboard Settings
    • Math Editor Image Service
    • Ally Integration Report


    That is quite a few lines to scan! If the items were listed in alphabetical order, it would be much easier to find what I'm looking for.


    This same problem occurs in other menus in various places around the GUI, which makes this sort of thing a common pain point. I know that the items are listed according to some order, but I'd rather that it was an order that made more sense to the end user. This is the sort of polish step that can make or break the user experience.

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