Bulk Copy, Move, Delete, and Create

Idea created by jeremybbauer on Jul 26, 2017
    Under review


    I'd like more bulk actions in Blackboard. When building on courses, I often have to copy, move, and delete multiple content items, content folders, links, etc. Being able to select multiple contents to copy, move, or delete would save me and my team a lot of time.


    I know a lot of people may cringe at "bulk delete," as accidents are bound to happen. If users were able to select multiple content to copy/move/delete, maybe these available actions should appear as separate buttons, or the delete button specifically could be in a separate location to minimize bulk deletion accidents.


    I listed "Create" in the subject as well, and this is specifically for the bulk creation of content items and content folders. The way I envision this working is that the content creation menu would offer the option to create multiple items/folders and users would set how the number of items/folders to be created. Then new blank items/folders would be created that could be filled in later. This would enable users to quickly create the layout of their course before having the content ready to add to these items/folders.


    The bulk creation feature plus the bulk copy/move/delete feature would allow me to create whole online courses much faster. Having to create/copy/move/delete things individually means going through multi-step processes over and over again. It takes up a lot of time.

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