Bring back VTBE in Portfolio Template

Idea created by jm28915 on Jul 26, 2017
    Under review

    In previous versions you had a virtual text box editor in which the system admin (or designee) could use to develop a template with forms, images, etc. so that end-users only need to add their data.  This was incredibly helpful in district-wide initiatives as well as for creating a base look and feel for K-12 students enabling all to have the minimum layout and design.  The current portfolio template does not offer the flexibility at the system admin level to generate a true "template", only pages which show up on the portfolio menu.  In the K-12 environment we thrived on the ability to create templates when uniformity of submissions provided no "front runner" based solely on your ability to be more creative.  It allowed the jurors of the content to focus on the users content - - providing a true evaluation of the content submitted.

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