Institution Page: Additional module types

Idea created by brad.evans on Jul 20, 2017
    For future consideration

    To begin meeting the use cases for tabs and modules in the Ultra experience, we have built the foundation of what is called the Institution Page. An Institution’s staff members, such as administrators, often want to use Learn to communicate with instructors and students and to make resources readily available to users. The Institution Page supports the ability for an administrator to make information available to a specific and targeted audience of users. For our initial release, we have focused on foundational modules such as Helpful Links.


    This idea is meant to help us prioritize the next set of modules we will build for the Institution Page. In the comments below, please share with us which of these modules you would find most helpful!


    1. Expand on the first "Helpful Links" module to allow more granular layout control, more images, and making images clickable hyperlinks.
    2. HTML Module - HTML in the Rich Text box editor within the module to allow for increased customization without compromising Learn Ultra's design integrity or responsiveness.
    3. Announcements Module - Pinning system announcements so that students and faculty don't have to sift through their busy activity stream to find an important announcement.
    4. LTI - Ability to add a module of content from third-party tools and vendors using LTI, e.g. publisher textbooks.
    5. Rest Endpoints - Providing the necessary REST API's and web services to allow the next level of customization within our developer portal framework.
    Product Version (if applicable):1