Prevent editing of Grades Center columns (for Grades Journey use)

Idea created by mm31375 on Jul 17, 2017

    This is a suggested improvement for the Grades Journey features and Grade Center in Bb Learn...


    Using the Grades Journey it is possible to provision (create) columns in the grades center, however, teaching staff are able to change these columns which can break business and technical processes.  The clients we have engaged with want to use Grades Journey features, but indicate that unless it is possible to prevent teaching staff from changing column settings then they can't make the process work reliably.  What we would like is an *option* for columns that are provisioned to be uneditable so that they can't be changed or removed from the Grade Center.

    Some further context to this requirement is that formal assessment is usually governed by strict processes which control changes to the assessment schemes used. This means that teaching staff usually aren't allowed to make changes to the assessment scheme without going through the institutional process.  Furthermore, the institutional SIS is usually the authoritative data source for assessment scheme so it does make sense for changes to be disallowed in Bb Learn's grade center.


    It was suggested that during training we emphasize to teaching staff that columns created for Grades Journey use should not be changed, but, unfortunately this is going to happen both accidentally and sometimes deliberately.

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